How to save any UObject to a package

You can save any object that is presented as an asset (UPackage) with this:

Georgy Treshchev Georgy Treshchev Dec, 2 2021

How to convert enum to FString

In case you have UEnum:Otherwise, you need to add DEFINE_ENUM_TO_STRING(<ENUM_NAME>) at the end of the enum. It's just a macro that automatically defines a function. You can then use the EnumToString function to convert the enum to FString:

Georgy Treshchev Georgy Treshchev Oct, 20 2021

Basic information about TArray, TSet and TMap...

TArray is analogous to std::vector. It can store a sequence of elements of the same type, which has its own mutable order. It has not impressive...

Georgy Treshchev Georgy Treshchev Oct, 2 2021

How to completely disable Tonemapper in Unreal Engine

In this quick tutorial I will write how to completely disable Tonemapper without using PostProcessTo do this, just open the DefaultEngine.ini file (in the ProjectName/Config folder) and add the following lines to "[/Script/Engine.RendererSettings]" section:You can also write the same to the engine's command line, but I recommend to directly...

Georgy Treshchev Georgy Treshchev Jul, 11 2021