Runtime Audio Importer Documentation

Jan, 2 2021— #docs

Runtime Audio Importer is an open-source plugin to import audio files of MP3, WAV and FLAC formats into the game at runtime.

It's easy to use in both C++ and Blueprints.

Plugin does not require any static libraries and external dependencies.

An illustrative example of how the plugin works

An illustrative example of how the plugin works

Nodes preview

Nodes preview

How to install

There're two ways to install the plugin:

  1. Through the marketplace.
  2. Manual installation. Open this GitHub Repository, extract the "RuntimeAudioImporter" folder into your plugins project folder to get the following path: "[ProjectName] / Plugins / RuntimeAudioImporter".

How to use

Importing audio files at runtime documentation

Pre-importing audio files into the editor documentation

How to work with Imported Sound Wave

Basic description

When importing, audio data is transcoded to Interleaved 32-bit IEEE floating point PCM, which in turn is divided into frames (by default, usually 2048 frames per request), which are transferred to the audio render thread, where this data is processed. These iterations happen very often.

Description of structures and enumerators

Here are descriptions of structures and enumerators that are used in the plugin as input and output parameters of certain functions.

AudioFormat enumerator. Needed to specify the format of the audio data.

RAWAudioFormat enumerator. Needed to specify the format of the RAW audio data.

TranscodingStatus enumerator. Needed in order to know if the error occured or not. It can be get from "OnResult" delegate.

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